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Boulevard Henri Rolin 2
1410 Waterloo
Delivery date
Q2 2025

As a hyphen…

Benoit Galoux CCO Eaglestone Group

The WoW project is like a link between the residential areas, green spaces and shopping streets of Waterloo city centre. It blends naturally into its existing environment.
Its philosophy? Live together.

Conventional dwellings, Kangaroo or cohousing in a lush green setting, yet located in the very heart of Waterloo, WoW addresses a desire to be at the forefront of societal and environmental concerns. The project is vegetated with numerous plantings that adorn the roadway, roofs and facades, and encourages biodiversity. The esplanade, the pedestrian street and the paths to the park and the community house encourage soft mobility within the site.

Through this composite project of manageable size, which combines residential units, offices and retail space for medium-sized shops, WoW contributes to building a truly cohesive social fabric by creating a connecting neighbourhood with a strong identity.
This fabric is... of course Waterloo.

Integration in harmony with its environment

Natacha Mertens Marketing & Communication Manager

Thanks to its strategic location, at the crossroads of the Chaussée de Bruxelles and the Boulevard Henri Rolin, and on the outskirts of the Jules Descampe municipal park, this district boasts tremendous potential. The WoW project blends into this ecosystem and embraces the green infrastructure of the park, which becomes a central component of architectural and aesthetic refinement.

Centrally located in Waterloo, within easy reach of shops, restaurants, schools and other facilities, WoW is also very easy to reach, regardless of the chosen mode of mobility. Finally, only 2 minutes from the exit off the Brussels Ring Road, and within walking distance of Waterloo Station, the district is directly connected to the main transport routes and enjoys facilities to promote soft mobility.

A door into the city and a window onto nature

Julie Thirion Si Studio Architecture

WoW is located in the heart of Waterloo, on the fringes of the Jules Descampe municipal park, and blends in with the surrounding urban landscape and structures while still letting nature shine through. This creates spatial permeability, opening up vast green open spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, while maintaining a certain degree of privacy with respect to the urban space. The architecture is modest and efficient. The choice of timeless materials and the vegetation, which extends up to the roof with abundant landscaped foliage, makes a strong statement.

Local shops, a mixed offering of residential units and the inclusion of an office building create a sense of social cohesion.

A wide range of finishes to suit everyone

Diane Busselen Residential Customer Advisor

From houses and apartments to clustered and multigenerational dwellings, a wide range of premium quality finishes are available to suit everyone’s taste.
The materials have been meticulously selected in a range of colours that blend in naturally with the surrounding environment.

The finishes, which can be customised to suit individual tastes, are available in two variants - Design or Premium. The fitted kitchens, with their contemporary, sophisticated design, are tailor-made for each type of property.

High quality materials

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Committed responsibility for the climate

Jonathan De Kempeneer Project Manager Eaglestone Group

For the WoW project, Eaglestone is working with CO2 Logic to draw up a carbon footprint and calculate the climate impact of the construction phase as well as the usage phase of the future building to ultimately achieve carbon neutrality. Through this initiative, more than 15,000 tons of CO2e* are offset.

Users will benefit from an infrastructure and electrical plugs dedicated to bicycles as well as a pre-wired connection allowing for the installation of a private electrical charging station. Carbon offsetting, rainwater recovery, soft mobility and biodiversity preservation are all part of the WoW project’s active commitment to ecological and responsible development.

*CO2 equivalent

Graph CO2 neutral Logo Q-Zens

Addressing the demographic challenges and demands of tomorrow

Chloé Gathem Sales Manager Eaglestone Group

With the WoW project, Eaglestone is focusing on cohesion and stimulating the development of new local momentum through an offering that attracts diverse audiences: apartments and semi-detached single-family houses, multigenerational or “kangaroo” housing for both connected and independent homes, grouped accommodation for people who enjoy sharing and collaborating, as well as a range of local shops. This broad spectrum is aimed at residents or investors with complementary expectations, who together will form a friendly and diversified community, with a strong sense of community and solidarity.

Kangaroo homes

"Connected but independent"
Two separate apartments with a shared entrance.


"The essentials in better"
Comfortable and elegant homes with private terrace and/or garden.


"Combination of private and shared spaces"
Studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms with shared facilities.

Single-family homes

"The space is yours"
Houses with cellar and parking space.


"Everything at your fingertips"
Units for convenience shops.



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